SyteLine and ERP Training

ECI provides application training for SyteLine ERP and other enterprise business software solutions

At ECI, we take SyteLine (now Infor CloudSuite Industrial) and other ERP software/application training up a level to more of a “workshop” environment. We make sure that each user on your team understands how to use the system to best benefit your organization, many times utilizing your own data and taking into account all enhancements and custom reports.

While we can provide the typical “SyteLine 101” or “MFG/Pro Basics” training, we prefer to take the essence of that and merge it with our extensive field experience. ECI's solid “best practices” training enforces how powerful a tool CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP is for your workforce to get the job done efficiently. Contact an ECI consultant today to find out how our ERP training can assist your business.

Why Choose ECI SyteLine and ERP Training?

Beyond system orientation and knowledge, our SyteLine and other ERP training sessions can benefit your entire organization by teaching your team about reducing transaction times, improving efficiency, exposing data accurately, and ensuring on-going Segregation of Duties compliance. ECI's ERP training can also be useful for new employees, group re-training, or training following an implementation/upgrade.

We provide beginner to advanced level training on all supported ERP packages, including Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP (Progress and SQL), Symix ERP, MFG/Pro, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Fourth Shift, and other leading ERP & MRP packages and related applications.

Contact an ECI consultant to determine a cost-effective, highly beneficial ERP training plan for your group. We are flexible and can accommodate your organization’s schedule on-site, off-site, or over the web.