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    Improve productivity with built-in best practices and highly efficient process flows

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    Utilize intuitive business solutions designed to increase trust and capitalize on sales

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ERP Software Consulting from ECI

Why choose ECI? Simply put; we are your business solution

ECI is your trusted ERP and other business software consultant. We pride ourselves on delivering effective Enterprise Applications to solve increasingly difficult situations faced by a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing to fabrication to distribution and everything in between. With our flexible team and regularly updated/customizable ERP software offerings, ECI has the knowledge and experience to achieve your business' success. As an ECI client, you can rest easy knowing that we will help you with all your business needs. We provide software and consulting services to assist with:

  • ERP selection, implementation, training, and support
  • VoIP company phone system creation, monitoring, and hosting
  • Organic and acquisitional business growth
  • Labor force realignment
  • Meeting private and public auditing/accountability standards
  • Inventory controls and reductions
  • CRM consulting, set-up, and configuration
  • Shop floor efficiency
  • Production capacity
  • Redesigned business processes
  • Creative M&A structures
  • Increased stock value
  • AND MORE >>>

Improve Plant Floor Processing

Adapt, Change, Profit

In this eBook, we highlight 5 tactics you can implement immediately to see improvements to your manufacturing productivity. Strengthen your weakest link by reading our free eBook.

Five Ways to Improve Plant Floor Productivity Free eBook

Understanding The ERP Buying Process

Agnostic, Unbiased Info

In this two-page whitepaper, we walk you through the steps needed to select, purchase, and implement an ERP system for your business. Follow the path with our free eBook.

Five Ways to Improve Plant Floor Productivity Free eBook


Unified Power, Complete Flexibility

Scalable for growth with built-in expertise. Deep industry functionality even for complex supply chains - CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) from Infor can cut costs, ensure on-time production and delivery, and manage key business processes. Through highly efficient process flows, an ERP implementation from ECI provides organization-wide visibility from selling and sourcing to production and fulfilment.

ERP for Manufacturing ERP Solutions >>>

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The power of customer data

Customer relationships are the driving force of your business. By offering a complete view of every customer touch point across sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams, a CRM system from ECI can maximize the impact of every interaction across the entire customer lifecycle – from any device at any time. ECI offers a CRM solution with industry-specific capabilities, deep integration, and unparalleled flexibility.

CRM for manufacturing CRM Solutions >>>

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Replace Outdated Office Phones

Cut the cord from traditional business phones. A VoIP phone system from ECI provides a software-based private branch exchange that replaces traditional and expensive proprietary hardware phone systems. Your organization can be connected to employees and customers from any device at any time, host webinars and video chat, and use the same number or extension wherever you go – all at a fraction of the cost.

VoIP for manufacturing VoIP Solutions >>>