Systems and Legacy Data Migration

Highly skilled migration and/or manipulation of your important legacy data

ECI understands that sensitive legacy data is an integral part of your company’s history, future, and daily operations. Any project involving an upgrade, conversion, or new implementation will most likely involve systems and/or data migration, which requires a review of your legacy data and a decision on whether to bring it forward.

When your company’s historical and business-critical data is involved, changes must be planned and carefully executed. We work with our customers’ valuable data regularly and are experts at manipulating and protecting sensitive data; all while ensuring you see the smallest possible interruption to your daily operations. Contact an ECI consultant today to find out how our systems and data migration expertise can assist your business.

Why Choose ECI Systems and Data Migration?

ECI's experienced team can perform data migration to or from any SQL-based or Progress-based system, and bring forward all or select legacy data based on your specific business requirements. For example, we can migrate data from Microsoft Business Contact Manager to Dynamics CRM with ease.

We recognise the importance of an enterprise organizations legacy systems and data. As such, ECI has a stellar track record for data migration and have never, nor will we ever, lose a single data element.

Please contact an ECI consultant or request a call back for more information on data conversions/migrations.