Business Consulting

ECI provides complete business and management consulting services to the Vancouver/Portland area and across the globe

We do business strategy consultancy for small business and mid-size industrial or consumer manufacturers, distribution companies, and service centers. Contact an ECI consultant today to find out how we can service your organization. Our business consulting team will advise on and provide in-depth technical support and business services for:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications
  • Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP) applications
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications
  • Systems implementation
  • Workflow automation
  • Sarbanes/Oxley Compliancy
  • Custom reports
  • Materials management
  • Shop floor efficiencies
  • Shipping/receiving/stocking workflows
  • Business system analysis
  • Application and user training
  • Intelligent integrations of business systems
  • General technology advising

Why Choose ECI Business Consulting?

With over 20 years of intensive business consulting experience – from materials management to cash flow management – our business and management consultants are here to help you reduce costs, achieve maximum efficiency, and see tangible bottom-line growth.

Our business management consulting staff has significant experience in the fields of accounting, manufacturing, business re-organization, project & materials management, and distribution. ECI is able to provide a consulting perspective and corporate viewpoint to any project, providing you with the business strategy you need to move forward.

You can rest assured that our business and management consultants have been leading successful ERP implementations and other projects throughout their careers; with heavy experience in I.T. and business strategy, ECI business consultants will quickly analyze the inner workings of your organization and create business plans that meet your specific needs.

The application of ECI business consulting services coupled with our technical resources has saved our clients millions of dollars in reduced inventory levels, shorter cycle times, and more timely analysis of information as well as enhanced simplification of the supply chain. Contact an ECI business consultant today to find out how we can assist your business.