Spokane WA business software consulting
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Spokane WA Business Software Consultants

Why choose ECI? Simply put; we are Spokane's business solution

ECI is Spokane WA's trusted business software consultancy. As the second largest city in all of Washington, ECI understands your business needs. Spokane's prominence as both a cultural and industrial hub to your region marks the city as an integral part of life for manufacturers and the people that live there. Our headquarters are in Vancouver WA, so we recognise your desire for friendly and committed (and somewhat local) business software experts. Just like Spokane's long lasting historical buildings, ECI will partner with you for life to achieve your goals.

We pride ourselves on delivering effective Enterprise Applications to solve increasingly difficult situations faced by a wide variety of Spokane industries, from manufacturing to fabrication to distribution and everything in between. With our flexible team and regularly updated/customizable enterprise software solutions, ECI has the knowledge and expertise to achieve Spokane business' success. As an ECI client, Spokane manufacturers can rest easy knowing that we will help you with all your business needs. We provide software solutions and consulting services to assist with:

  • ERP selection, implementation, training, and support
  • Organic and acquisitional business growth
  • Labor force realignment
  • Meeting private and public auditing/accountability standards
  • Inventory controls and reductions
  • Shop floor efficiency
  • Production capacity
  • Redesigned business processes
  • Creative M&A structures
  • Increased stock value
  • AND MORE >>>

Business Consulting

Complete Business and Management Consulting Services. ECI does business strategy consultancy for small business and mid-size industrial or consumer manufacturers, distribution companies, and service centers in Spokane, WA.

Business Consulting >>>

Systems and Data Migration

Skilled Migration and/or Manipulation of Legacy Data. ECI performs expert migration and manipulation of Spokane, WA business' legacy data, ensuring the smallest possibly interruption to your daily operations.

Data Migration >>>

Software Analysis/Recommendation

Experience and Knowledge to Optimize Your Business ECI has the expertise to consult to Spokane, WA manufacturers on all manner of business improvements - from ERP software selection and implementation to system and process improvements.

Analysis and Recommendation >>>

Custom Software Solutions

Extensions, Enhancements, and Customizations. ECI knows that even the most well-designed software may not fit your needs out-of-the-box. We are well-equipped to create the solutions for your unique organization in Spokane, WA.

Custom solutions >>>

ERP Training

Hands on Training for Your Team. ECI performs expert migration and manipulation of Spokane, WA business' legacy data, ensuring the smallest possibly interruption to your daily operations.

ERP Training >>>

Support and Maintenance

Support Level Agreement (SLA) to keep you covered, always. An SLA from ECI creates an affordable service plan to handle your immediate tactical situations while providing a flexible team to bring you guaranteed response times, systems management activities, and offering discounts on related services and training.

Supoort and Maintenance >>>