CPQ - Configure Price Quote

Create Custom Products and Quotes with Speed and Accuracy

Infor CPQ can get your customers intricately involved in configuring or constructing the custom products they order and generate quick error-free quotes. With complete and accurate decision-making information, manufacturers can increase the likelihood that customers will make a purchase and give them more confidence about doing business with you. By integrating with your 3D or 2D CAD drawing systems, Infor CPQ gives you the right tools to provide the ideal buying experience which cements a sense of partnership between you and your customer. Contact an ECI consultant today to find out how an CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solution can assist your business.

CPQ is a business software solution that gives you the features your business needs to create a more successful and productive custom product sales process. With CPQ, you will get:

  • Intuitive product configuration engine
  • Auto-generated 3D and 2D product imagery
  • Comprehensive quoting and ordering system
  • Automated documentation
  • Robust sales portal
  • Industry Specialization

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Infor CPQ: Close Deals Faster

Long, drawn-out sales cycles hurt business. When dealing with complex products or sales, you need every advantage to get your customers to the finish line. Infor CPQ gives you that advantage, providing prompt and error free quotes by getting your customers involved in the process. They can configure and construct the products or bundles they order, which strengthens your relationship and builds trust. With Infor CPQ, you get:

  • Product Configuration Engine - Once you have entered your product information once, you can share it intuitively with your sales force and dealers on any device.
  • Quoting and Ordering System - The comprehensive quoting and ordering screens allow you to see exactly what you are customizing with detailed visualizations.
  • 2D and 3D Product Imagery - Auto-generated and highly detailed product images come to life so your customers can confirm the features and add-ons they want most.
  • Automated Documentation - Deliver custom proposals, submittals, and any other sales related documents to your customers, either on-premise or in the Cloud.

With Infor CPQ, You Can:

  • Make it easy for your retailers and distributors to quote product add-ons and services in order to provide a single, integrated quote - making you an easy brand to sell. Reach more customers and deliver the best products and services.
  • Speed up and simplify the creation of new products, as CPQ allows you to roll out your new features and pricing electronically - exactly according to plan. Minor changes can be made at any time depending on your changing needs.
  • See projected profit all the way through the quoting process, allowing sales reps to upsell more effectively. With the information at your fingertips, it becomes more natural to suggest improvements to the order.
  • Create BOM's on the fly and integrate with your ERP system so as to store these instructions with the fulfillment process. These dynamic instructions and generated 2D/3D drawings clearly show the final assembly, reducing errors.