EPAK: Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit

One Platform for all business process documentation, training, and performance support

By utilizing an Enterprise Performance Accelerator (EPAK) implementation for your business, you will be able to develop important training, performance, and process materials faster with consistent formatting and messaging.

EPAK is a content development business software tool catered to your organization's existing ERP solution. By rapidly developing documentation and training materials, you will be able to increase employee knowledge, accuracy, and productivity with integral documents through automated to content-production aligned with your up-to-date business processes and functions. Contact an ECI consultant today to find out how the Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit (EPAK) can assist your business' ERP system.

Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit (EPAK) can help your organization to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Streamline implementations
  • Reduce costs
  • Manage change
  • Shorten project timelines
  • Minimize risk

ECI is an Infor Gold Channel Partner

EPAK can increase employee productivity by as much as 20%, while at the same time reducing the number of transaction errors. As a result, your business gains a more productive and effective workforce, as well as lower costs and higher customer satisfaction rates. With EPAK, your organization can realize a better business and faster ROI.

"Why Choose ERP?"

All Encompassing adaptable business solutions to fit your needs

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EPAK (Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit):
Utilize ERP performance technology to improve entire organization

With the EPAK simulation platform, you will receive 16 deliverables from a single recording and editing session. EPAK serves your organization across the entire ERP software lifecycle - before, during, and after your business software implementation.

  • Pre-implementation: EPAK can help evaluate functionality and conduct user acceptance testing, business process reviews, and approvals in a consistent format.
  • During implementation: EPAK provides tools for instructor-led and web-based training, as well as usage tracking and user acceptance training.
  • Post-implementation: EPAK can be used to deliver job aids, product assistance, simulations, application coaching, and usage tracking.

Whether you are starting an ERP implementation, in the middle of a software go-live, or are looking for extra support to an already installed solution; EPAK provides your organization with a single platform for all your process and software evaluation documents, as well as the tools you need to build your employee skill sets and increase employee productivity - all with consistent formatting and messaging.

What You Get With EPAK

  • Increase knowledge retention and achieve faster time to competency with conceptual-based assessments
  • Reduce content development time and costs by 40% with single source authoring
  • Embed new system processes in everyday behavior to effectively train new hires or new users
  • Save hundreds of hours with greater visibility into the process and early access to solutions

Contact an ECI consultant today to discover what an EPAK (Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit) implementation from ECI can do for your manufacturing or distribution organization.