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ECI offers a variety of business software and consulting services to meet your organization's needs, from analyzing your systems and offering process improvements to training your employees and providing custom solutions.

To inquire about our services as they relate to your unique business needs, contact an ECI consultant today.

Why Choose ECI?

WE LISTEN TO YOU - Every successful ERP implementation starts right here! We recognize that it is vitally important to understand our customer’s business goals, processes, needs, and budget requirements at the beginning of the project.

WE EMPLOY TOP RESOURCES - ECI team members are literally pioneers in the ERP industry with 20yrs of experience. Our consultants use best practices to deliver top-quality, cost-effective ERP solutions by combining solid industry know-how with specialized technical expertise.

WE WORK AROUND YOUR SCHEDULE - ECI appreciates that each company has unique timelines and requirements for their ERP implementation or project, so we make ourselves available to meet your deadlines. All of our consultants maintain flexible schedules which enables round-the-clock support and rapid deployment to your site to keep you on track.

WE PROVIDE EXTRAORDINARY VALUE - Our clients are always pleased with the results – we don’t quit until that is the case! We have saved clients millions of dollars in reduced inventory levels, shorter cycle times, and more timely analysis of information as well as enhanced simplification of the supply chain. Our consultants also steadfastly adhere to high moral principles and professional standards. We will set expectations honestly and follow through with every detail, keeping you informed all along the way.