Buy ONE QCS Module today, Receive THREE More FREE When You Upgrade!

Quality Control Solution (QCS) for Your Business

Your company needs Quality Control; here's why you should get it today. With the release of the newest version of Infor Cloudsuiite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP, you will get all FOUR Quality Control Solution (QCS) modules - provided you own at least one of the modules prior to upgrade.

That means, if you purchase only one of the QCS modules today, you will get the other three for FREE when you decide to upgrade to SyteLine 9.01!

Read the brochure for more details, or take a look at the modules to choose from below.

As a global provider of process efficiency and technical consulting services, ECI has created tens of millions of dollars in cost savings for our clients over the years. To accomplish this, we have built a reliable and dedicated team of multiple MBA's, CPIM's, CMA's, PMP's, and Mensa members to add to your own team. ECI has the right tools and the best practices to partner with you to create and execute well thought-out and redesigned business processes using Infor ERP products.

ECI is an Infor Gold Channel Partner

Here are the modules you can choose from to get the "Buy One, Get Three" advantage:

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  • QCS Enterprise: (FOCUS - Topics, Changes, Process templates) This module deals with quality activities across your entire organization, including; quality incidents, change management, responses to audit findings, machine and maintenance issues, safety, training, and opportunities for continuous improvements.
  • QCS Supplier: (FOCUS - Receiving inspection, RMA, Supplier performance rating) This module specializes in vendor quality control, such as; material handling, safety alerts, printing tags, unique tracking numbers, QC holding area pending disposition, integrated Vendor Return Material Authorization (RMA) support, links with accounting, and calculating vendor product quality/delivery performance to help build strong supplier relationships.
  • QCS In-Process: (FOCUS - Job inspection/rework, Serial number tracking, Cost of scrap) This module streamlines production quality, including; track/inspect individual manufactured items, support for jobs/production schedules/JIT methods, enter details such as disposition, non-conformance tracking, cost of quality, test results, defects, and failures while in a job, reports the cost of scrap including labor, material, and overhead, and also track each nonconforming item and capture the associated costs of quality.
  • QCS Customer: (FOCUS - Shipping inspection/QA, Customer RMA, Customer complaints) This module manages your customers quality needs, such as; identifying which product requires regulatory confirmation/paperwork, record inspection results, tag products, direct returned product to QC, and more. The Customer Complaint Recording (CCR) helps you respond to feedback from your customers and assign responsibility.