VoIP: the New Way for Businesses to Communicate

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs enterprise businesses are growing rapidly, many of them are looking to increase the efficiency of their communication systems. With the high adoption rate of ERP and CRM software, outdated methods of telecommunication such as landline phones and voicemail boxes cannot keep up with the needs of a modern enterprise business. This is where Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is coming in to revolutionize how we do business.

VoIP: Connecting Employees

There are many useful technologies to support your organizations business efforts, both internally and externally. As we have mentioned in great detail over the years, ERP and CRM are two of the most popular ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs, as well as improve the customer experience. However, another new technology which is being added to that arsenal is VoIP communication systems within a company.

Chances are high that you’ve already experienced VoIP communication; Skype is an extremely popular product for both consumers and businesses, allowing individuals and groups to communicate via their voice or even video over vast distances. This technology is now being applied to enterprise organizations, and the benefits are astounding. From improving the experience for telecommuting and in-the-field employees, to providing even more valuable information about customers as soon as they call; VoIP for businesses is being applied across all industries at a fast rate.

ERP, CRM, and VoIP: a Match Made in Business Heaven

Two other huge factors in the success of VoIP as an enterprise organizations primary method of internal/external communication are reduced costs and software integration. By using the internet as the mode of communication, many VoIP providers can offer reduced rates and inexpensive data plans, eliminating the need for costly and ineffective legacy systems such as landlines. By using VoIP, you are not only getting increased efficiency and functionality but also at a lower cost than before which makes VoIP an obvious choice in this internet age.

The software integration factor is huge boon to businesses who run ERP and CRM systems. By combining VoIP communication with these enterprise software systems, you can get real time information about customers who are calling you such as the most recent orders, open support tickets, and even useful information to help upsell them on additional or add-on products. You can know not only who is calling, but why and other integral data about the caller.

VoIP is fast becoming the communication method of choice for many enterprise organizations; whether they are looking for reduced costs, improved efficiency, or extra functionality and integration, VoIP offers a host of benefits that are hard to ignore in this internet-connected business world. If you have any questions about how ECI can connect your business with VoIP communications, contact an ECI representative today.

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