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As traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems are becoming obsolete due to expensive call costs and frustrating customer service, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is quickly becoming the standard for many industries. More and more businesses are making the switch from their clunk plastic telephone paperweights on their desks to quick, responsive VoIP phone systems.

As the VoIP change sweeps across all nations, new business offices of existing companies and brand new start-ups should really consider skipping over the outdated PBX methods and go straight for a VoIP phone system.

Simplify Set Up

Starting a new business or opening a new branch is a task that comes with a lot of challenges and requirements. One of the most important that many regular employees don’t think about is setting up the phone system; when you start work at your new office, you probably don’t realize how much effort has gone into the simple ability of having a phone on your desk. Telecom companies need contracts signed, wires need to be run through your entire office, and phone numbers/lines need to be attributed to the right person. One small mistake in this set up process can spell days or weeks of rectification.

With a VoIP PBX, your new business or branch can be up & running within days, without the need for lengthy installation periods. Everything is wireless, so no running miles of cords through the walls and roof; your VoIP system is centralized on your own servers, so no pesky telecom companies to act as the slow moving middle-man; you can use one extension for all your needs, so no fiddly setting up of multiple phone lines for one person. A VoIP phone system for your start-up or new location can speed up and simplify the whole process, leading to your company hitting the ground running on time.

Focus on Productivity

The modern workforce is a mobile workforce, and VoIP can facilitate that. Instead of relying on your team to be at their desk to answer important calls, their VoIP phone system can be answered anywhere at any time thanks to mobile device connectivity and simple extensions. If someone needs to travel, they don’t need to divert their calls to a different number as there can be one extension to rule them all.

On top of this remote productivity improvement, a VoIP PBX can also be set up with specific “rules” to allow your team to be more productive and manage their communications better. If you are in an important conference or meeting, you don’t want to have to deal with answering calls or transferring them to other people; VoIP rules can be set up so that if you just set your status to away, the call can be redirected to the right person in your absence seamlessly. Many VoIP systems come with a “digital receptionist”, allowing the system to automatically handle incoming calls and directing callers to contact their desired party directly instead of wasting someone’s time by having them answer the call only to transfer it immediately.

Customer Communication

Today’s modern businesses understand that customer communication and satisfaction is integral to a successful business. That’s why many VoIP services come with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration. This combination allows your team to see the CRM entry for customer calls as the call comes in, providing them with important data that can not only improve the customer experience, but also potentially generate new business. If you see that they recently purchased something, you can be ready to suggest a complimentary product or add-on that would benefit their needs.

If their CRM entry shows they recently called about a customer service issue, you can speak to it and reassure them it is being taken care of without having them repeat themselves. Having customer data show up as the call comes in saves time and improves communication, giving your clients the peace of mind that the person they are talking to not only knows what they need, but it is at the forefront of their mind too.

Flexible, Scalable

One of most important factors for why new start-up businesses should invest in VoIP PBX systems is that VoIP is extremely flexible and scalable. Traditional telecom provided PBX systems are an expensive hassle to get new lines and extensions added, making it difficult to on-board new employees. You intend to grow as a business, and with growth comes new team members; you want to get those new additions up & running as soon as possible so that they can start benefiting your business immediately.

VoIP phone systems have an easy to manage set up procedure, so adding extensions are a breeze. New employees can have their number ready to roll quickly and painlessly, allowing them to feel like part of the team sooner and working for you quicker. All you have to worry about is how fast you can print their new business cards.

Growing businesses and start-ups are always looking for the best ways to grow as a company. By adopting VoIP phone systems from the get-go, your are setting yourself up for future growth at whatever pace you want, without limiting yourself to the constraints of outdated telecom solutions. Start as you mean to go on by using a VoIP system that promotes productivity, saves time & money, and is as flexible as you are.

Contact an ECI representative to find out how VoIP can start your new business’ journey on the best foot.

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