VoIP for Business: Integrate with Your CRM

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There are a few software tools which have become integral to the modern business’ sales and operations. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems have been around for years, enabling employees to understand and connect with their customers on a much deeper level than in decades past and also speed up the sales cycle. Another impressive tool which is fast becoming an industry standard is VoIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) phone systems which allow organizations to connect their employees using their existing internet connection, which lowers costs and improves communication while eliminating the need for multiple desktop/mobile phones.

In this collaborative age of the “internet revolution”, lots of these important tools are starting to integrate with each other. One such integration can be seen between your VoIP phone system and your CRM.

VoIP + CRM: Better Communication, Better Business

VoIP is a fantastic way of staying connected. CRM is a useful way of staying informed. By joining these two products, your business gains the benefits of knowing who is calling and the context of their call. For example, when you connect a VoIP system such as 3CX with a CRM system like Salesforce, the customer information gets put in front of you as soon as they call. This allows employees and sales people to effectively help the customer or potential client by knowing key facts about them before the call is even picked up.

Does their CRM entry show that they recently purchased a product? You can reference that and ask if it’s treating them well (and attempt to up-sell). Are they following up on a customer service issue? You can address their concerns immediately without needing to look it up. The possibilities for improved communication and sales processes that come with connecting your VoIP phone system with your CRM are plentiful, and can only serve to better your business.

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