VoIP and Web Conferences: The Future of Business

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VoIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) is becoming a necessary component of modern businesses. With features like anywhere-anytime-any device connectivity and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration, replacing traditional PBX telephone systems with web-based VoIP phone systems seems like the smart thing to do. However, there is one specific feature within many VoIP offerings which is changing the way we do business; built-in web-conferencing without the need for extra software.

Web-Conference from Your Phone

Web conferencing has been a staple of business for many years; being able to connect clients and employees via voice as well as video has improved how we communicate and facilitated in better sales & customer service endeavors. Now we are seeing VoIP business phone providers including web-conference features with there VoIP technology, allowing businesses to schedule and host full featured web-conferences for potential clients and other employees at the click of a button.

An example of such a service is provided by 3CX called WebRTC. WebRTC is baked into the VoIP software and enables users to create a web-conference in mere seconds. Attendees are then emailed the log-in credentials needed to access the conference, be it scheduled immediately or for a later date. The best part is that the attendees do not need extra software; they can access the audio/video conference from their browser with ease, and experience all the benefits of a web-conference. Screen sharing, recording the session, even remote control of other screens – all accessible without the need for extra software or even plug-in downloads.

Benefits of Built-In Web-Conferencing

Even though web-conference platforms are easily found, the upsides of having these capabilities as part of your VoIP business phone system are hard to deny. Lower costs associated with expensive monthly subscriptions to web-conference providers, higher chance of participation due to a lack of technology requirements for the attendees, more frequent conferences created thanks to the ease in which they are created. These abilities are only a few clicks away from your VoIP phone system, allowing for greater functionality and more productivity from all who use the VoIP business phone system at your business. VoIP phones with intertwined web-conferencing can be a time saver, sales booster, and communication improvement for your business.

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