How PokemonGO Can Teach Businesses Gamification

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Pokemon GO and the gamification of HR incentives

pokemon-goPokemonGO took the world by storm in a very short amount of time this year; with cute graphics and simple gameplay, the Augmented Reality (AR) smartphone-game encouraged users to go out into the world to capture tiny fictional creatures that became popular in the 90’s and have retained relevancy since that time through innovative video games and TV show franchises.

Paul Boatman from Infor recently posted an article outlining how this simple but addictive phone game can be applied to the business world. The 21st century has seen the rise of a workforce that is already immersed in the digital and online realm before they even get hired as your employee. As a result of this, your teams – and even management – can benefit from improvements to your business technology so as to engage employees in your company software.

Gamification” is the practice of bringing gaming elements to non-game activities. Modern business is catching on to the notion that get people to interact with their company software more frequently, efficiently, and enthusiastically – they need to make it “fun”. This can range from using intuitive and familiar software like Infor Ming.Le to creating actual games within the software to accomplish tasks or report on activities.

Read Pauls full post to learn how PokemonGO and other approaches to gamification can improve your business efficiency.

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