ERP Top 3 Becomes Top 4 as Infor Rises in Popularity

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Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)Infor’s CEO Charles Phillips has been quoted as saying that he runs “the worlds largest startup” in reference to how he’s turned the global ERP provider into a formidable challenger to more established enterprise software companies. This has become apparent recently as Panorama Consulting has reported that the Top 3 ERP providers in the world has now become the Top 4, with Infor joining Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft as the largest and most widely adopted ERP choices in the world.

Infor: an ERP Force to be Reckoned With

Since taking the helm in 2010, Infor CEO Charles Phillips has turned Infor into a Tier I ERP provider above smaller competitors with similar market share. Infor products now make up 16% of total market share, which might seem average when compared to some other offerings. However, what makes Infor ERP products Tier I material is the scalability of the products ability to handle large projects, the size of the installed base, and the sheer amount of system functionality. As it stands, Infor has managed to take a large chunk out of all three of the big name Tier I ERP providers in terms of market share.

Another reason for Infor’s rise to the top is the fact that they have shown a decrease in “actual” vs “planned” costs, while other top contenders have shown increases in this area. Giving clients the functionality and accessibility they need within a reasonable budget is a huge concern for most enterprise businesses, so delivering on their promises gives Infor an edge in this fast paced software environment.

Rapid Growth, Embracing the Future, and Customer Satisfaction

Another reason for Infor becoming a Top Tier ERP provider is a result of their rapid growth in the enterprise software realm. Part of this is due to Infor’s heavy investment in user interface (UI) development and embracing open-standards architecture. Infor understands that the employees who use their products need software that is intuitive, attractive, and effective; this is why Infor has retained the services of an in-house creative lab known as Hook & Loop to give their products a slick and easy interface that is also highly effective in reporting and affecting business operations and processes both on-site and in the field (“mobile”).

On top of this commitment to an improved UI experience, Infor has a great track record when it comes to client satisfaction post-implementation; despite only having 24% “Cloud” ERP deployment (preferring to focus on the tried & tested on-premise ERP systems), Infor can boast that all of their Cloud ERP implementation customers have seen at least 40% in cost savings. This is something that their top competitors cannot compete with at the moment.

As ERP finally starts hitting the mainstream in terms of popularity and attention, it is exciting to see another contender like Infor enter the Top Tier ring; competition is good for customers and encourages the top ERP providers to up their game and improve their products across the board. For more information on Infor’s ERP product offerings, visit our SyteLine ERP page and learn how this software can revolutionize the way your company does business.

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