Digitalization of Manufacturing

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Infor has written an excellent blog regarding the future of digitalization in the manufacturing industry. From building the right strategy at the beginning to keeping your team informed and on task, digitalizing your manufacturing organization is an intricate task that requires careful consideration.

Most worthy of note, this blog highlights that:

“IT staff alone cannot bear the burden. In fact, an IT background may not even be critical for the leadership team. In a survey recently conducted by Deloitte and MIT Sloan Management Review, individuals were asked to name the most important skill for leaders needed to succeed in a digital environment. Only 18% of respondents listed technological skills as most important.”

Bringing your organization up to modern digital standards isn’t just an exercise in keeping-up-with-the-Jones’s; digitalizing your business is a necessity for you to become more successful, more efficient, and attract more team members that are well equipped for the digital age. Every step in your manufacturing process will eventually be digitalized – the key is to ensure your entire organization is ready for the transition.

Read the full blog post from Infor here.

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