Benefits of VoIP for Business

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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is fast becoming the phone system of choice for many businesses in the US. With the ability to lower costs and improve communications between both employees and customers, it’s not wonder that such an innovative technology has become so popular. Here are some of the reasons why.

Productivity Increases

Switching to an IP-based phone system can increase business productivity thanks to simplifying your processes and streamlining communications. Employees out of state or even out of the country can talk to each other in real-time using the exact same software, voicemails are handled internally with ease and can even be transcribed to be sent as email attachments, and the mobile connectivity of VoIP phone systems (such as 3CX) make for one unified solution that eliminates the wasteful confusion of multiple phone lines.

Costs Decrease

Most people and business owners are no stranger to the costs associated with large telecommunications giants. With a VoIP business phone system, it is easy to add extra phone lines or extensions when new employees join the fold. Employees in other states or countries no longer have to deal with Long Distance or International charges relating to business calls. It also ends up being more cost effective to use one phone system instead of having multiple for both desktop lines and mobile lines, as VoIP allows you to take your extension with you wherever you go.

Communication Improves

VoIP phone systems allow business to connect like never before, with both customers and employees. Conference calls are created at a click of a button, while the same software can host and schedule webinars with potential or existing clients easily – without the need for expensive 3rd Party software. Many VoIP phone systems also integrate with your existing CRM which allows sales people and customer service representatives to better serve callers by having the pertinent information of each caller pop up as soon as their call arrives.

Installation is Scalable

Your business already has internet service (or at least it should in this modern business world). A VoIP phone system will be installed on your existing service and servers, and it can be adjusted to match the size of your company. Most IT professionals can handle the installation, daily running, and additional lines with ease so that your business doesn’t miss a beat when replacing your PBX (private branch exchange) with a VoIP solution.

There are many other benefits and features that come with a VoIP phone system for business. Some are ingrained in us as being staples of a good PBX, such as an automated receptionist to field incoming calls. Others are unique to VoIP, like initiating a video call with someone immediately from the same call without having to hang up. For more information on the why you should upgrade your outdated phones to a VoIP phone system, join our FREE webinar on May 18th 2016 for an inside tour of what VoIP has to offer.

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